The Nightly Miracle

We help people and their immediate dependents, who have been employed in newspaper and magazine distribution in the UK and who have fallen on hard times. Distribution means people who deal with newspapers and magazines from the time they leave the printing press until they reach the reader.

The Nightly Miracle

Every night while you sleep the publishing world performs a miracle. From content creation, the print process and right up to the moment the day’s news lands on doorsteps across the country.

  1. Newspapers, once printed, are bundled and dispatched in giant loads to the wholesaler and leave the printers in articulated lorries travelling nationwide to wholesalers.
  2. Publishers, via their circulation departments, will be issuing their magazines and periodicals with thousands of variants in numbers and frequency of copies. These are sent to the wholesalers using distributors to allocate them.
  3. At the wholesalers, the newspapers are divided into smaller numbers ready to take to their final destination. The magazines and supplements are also divided into smaller customer numbers and distributed together with newspapers.
  4. The newspapers and magazines are on their final journey to the retail outlets; from the biggest to the smallest independent retailer; the supermarkets, petrol stations, newsagents, rail & bus stations, street vendors etc.

Retailers represent 67% of our beneficiaries. A harsh working life followed by a very low-budget retirement. Without private pensions, their limited incomes struggle to cope with spiralling rents and utilities.

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