Emotional support

Emotional stress and anxiety is far more common than you may think and it can affect people of all ages, from all walks of life.

Problems range from worries we experience as part of everyday life to serious long term conditions. if you are dealing with emotional stress, NewstrAid are here to help.

Anxiety UK

Anxiety Support Helpline
0800 138 6552

Supported by Hearst UK in memory of Terry Mansfield. Find out more

If you are feeling overwhelmed and you are struggling to cope, remember you are not alone. NewstrAid is now working with Anxiety UK to provide emotional support to those who need it.


  • A dedicated Helpline to provide emotional support to help you understand and manage your stress and anxiety
  • Therapy provision for those experiencing anxiety and/or depression (Eligibility Criteria Apply, subject to approval)
  • Self Help Materials and annual membership to Anxiety UK

The key to overcoming difficulties is to get help early, and it takes courage to take that first step. If you are feeling low, anxious and in need of support, why not contact our helpline.

Freephone helpline: 0800 138 6552
Confidential, specialist help, available Monday-Friday, 9.30am – 5.30pm

Emotional Support

Almoner Home Visits

Our almoner home visits are a key element of our welfare service. Our almoners are the human faces of NewstrAid and, through their home visits, they enable us to deliver our welfare service on a personal, local level, which means so much more to those in need of support.

Our almoner service allows us to alleviate isolation and loneliness, a particular problem for the elderly and disabled who may have little contact with others. A chat over a cup of tea can mean the world to somebody who does not have family or friends living nearby or cannot get out due to poor health or old age.

Befriending Calls

Our welfare team are always at the end of the phone should our beneficiaries need help, support or just a friendly voice. The team ensure they stay in touch with beneficiaries throughout the year, especially those that are experiencing loneliness or other emotional difficulties.

For further information about our Emotional Support services, contact our welfare team on:
FREEPHONE HELPLINE: 0800 917 8616 or 01279 879569