Area committees

There are 13 area committees and they perform 2 functions:


To raise funds for the work of the charity.


To raise local awareness of the charity – if people do not know we exist, they cannot ask us for help.

Raising awareness is all about events. Events attended by people in the newstrade help cement the name and work of the charity in people’s minds. This awareness promotes our aims and links those in need to our support.

Each year we host Area Committee Awards at our AGM to recognise the work of these vital volunteers. Find out who won in 2024.

Our Area Committees are always looking for people to help them in their work, so if you would like to know more and be put in contact with your local committee email Tom Rodger at

NewstrAid Area Committees

  • East of England Dickens – based in Maidstone.
  • East Midlands – based in Peterborough
  • London East & South Essex – based in Greenwich
  • North East – based in Newcastle
  • North West – based in Chester/Stockport
  • Scottish – based in Edinburgh
  • South Wales and West – based in Newport
  • Sussex & Surrey – based in Crawley
  • Thames Valley – based in Slough
  • The Shires – based in Nottingham
  • Wessex – based in Southampton
  • West Midlands – based in Birmingham
  • Yorkshire & North Derbyshire – based in Wakefield