Financial help

There are two ways NewstrAid can provide financial assistance to people with a newstrade connection who are facing hardship.

Regular grants

Regular financial help for those who are facing constant hardship and are struggling to cover ongoing everyday living costs for themselves and their family.

Ongoing assistance is awarded to those whose circumstances are unlikely to change such as the elderly and those who are unable to work due to long term disability. Help with care home fees can also be covered by regular grants.

One-off samaritan grants

Supported by the Harry Hammond Legacy

One-off grants to address specific needs for those who have encountered unexpected hardship. Funding may be approved to:

  • Help meet Essential Living Costs
  • Replace Essential Household Appliances
  • Help with Short Term Care Costs
  • Help Dependent Children – Supported by the Association of Circulation Executives (ACE)
  • Fund Disability Aids, Equipment & Adaptions
Financial Help

Please note that those applying for financial support will be subject to a means assessment.
For more information call our welfare team for free on 0800 917 8616