NewstrAid launches support scheme specifically for retailers and their staff

NewstrAid has launched a new scheme specifically aimed at supporting retailers, their families and their staff.

The Retailer Support Scheme aims to provide financial, emotional and practical support to retailers who are facing hardship due to unexpected changes to their circumstances – be that because of ill health, family issues, crime or anything else that life might throw up.

NewstrAid’s Welfare Manager, Katie Babooram, said: “More than 50% of the people NewstrAid help every year come from the retail sector and so we felt it was important to create a support scheme to specifically address some of the problems that this community can face.”

The charity cannot help with business debts, overdrafts or clearing credit card debts but are able to assist with problems at home which can occur as a knock-on effect of these issues.

Katie Babooram added: “We know that there are a lot of retailers who are facing difficulties at the moment. Although NewstrAid cannot help with business-related costs, we can help with issues that are affecting home life from financial help with the cost of home items, priority household bills or disability aids to personal debt advice, benefits advice and bereavement support.”

All NewstrAid grants are non-repayable and won’t affect any other benefits. Full details can be found at

Beneficiary Story 1

The owner of a small newsagents and convenience store stopped taking a wage from the business after he broke his arm and was unable to work. Although staff were keeping the business running, he no longer had any personal income, and was now struggling to afford everyday household essentials for his family. NewstrAid were able to help with grants to cover living essentials until his arm healed and he was able to work again.

Beneficiary Story 2

A shop assistant of seven years was falling behind on priority bills and struggling to pay for weekly essentials due to the high costs for gas and electricity and increases in weekly food bills. Debts were mounting and they worried that there would be future repercussions if they didn’t clear them, which was causing stress and anxiety. Their manager suggested they contact NewstrAid to see what support might be available.

NewstrAid were able to award grants to clear the rent arrears and to help pay for some groceries. The charity also provided access to their Wellbeing Helpline and online resources to help with the stress and anxiety caused by the financial hardship.

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About NewstrAid 

NewstrAid is a charity which aims to provide welfare for people who are, or have been, employed in the selling and distribution of newspapers and magazines in the UK and who find themselves in hardship. This includes their immediate family and dependants who are in need or in distress. The charity has been in existence since 1839 and counts Charles Dickens amongst its past Presidents. 2024 marks NewstrAid’s 185th anniversary and in 2023 the charity was named ‘Charity of the Year’ at the ACO Awards.