Philip’s Story

As a little boy I was made aware of the helping hand that NewstrAid gave to my family who owned a family run Newsagent shop.

Without the help of NewstrAid things for our family would have been a lot tougher and some of my most cherished childhood memories wouldn’t have happened. Many Christmas moments and life experiences wouldn’t have been made possible without the help of the charity including the purchase of my cricket equipment and the chance to go on cricket tours throughout UK.

I know I can never repay NewstrAid for the support they gave my parents through their mental health illnesses and the subsequent loss of their working lives but I’m forever grateful for the help we received when times were hard. The work this charity does, helped my family to get through life’s obstacles and allowed me to grow up, experience life and make memories with both my parents. Even right up to my mum’s passing the charity was very much still making a positive effect on her life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the impact the charity has had on our family, and I will always be a key supporter of your work throughout my life.

I sincerely hope NewstrAid will continue for many years and that many children and adults benefit from this great charity. I know it has shaped me to be a very thankful person in life as it gave me so much in the short time we all had together as a family.

We are the Helping Hand of the newstrade.